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Convos with Nancy Skolos

Publication design
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Indesign • Illustrator • Interviewing • Copywriting

The goal in this project was to visually capture the mentorship between my professor Nancy Skolos, and I. This interview explores Nancy's experiences as an interdisciplinary artist, and covers various engaging topics such as the impact of COVID-19 on her practice, her relationship with her mother, and her fascinating life as a musician.

The layout of the publication consists of 5 columns, a deliberate choice made to present the dense narrative in a readable 2-page spread. Despite the narrower columns deviating from the conventional reader experience, the content remains reader-centric and offers a lively read. In doing so, the reader may revel in the materiality of printed matter.

The illustrations and design elements were created on Procreate and Illustrator. The publication was typeset and composed on Indesign.